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The Criteria of selection of books and other writings revolves basically around three points, 
The selected text should be taken from authentic sources only ( As can be seen in Bibliography too )
The selected text should not in any way provoke sectarial violence or any such emotions contradicting the Enlightened Moderation concept of Islam.
 The selected text should be useful for beginners as well as scholars of religious field, not for a single time reading but for years as reference guide. 

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Written By Doctor Hassan Bukhari
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حضرت مولانا اشرف علی تھانوی نور اللہ مرقدہ کی وہ مقبول سوانح حیات جس سے ہر دور کے علماء نے بھرپور اس..

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In this book, the account of Seven major battles have been given in which Prophet Muhammad Peace be ..

A book has to be written with an object in view. It may be to fill a gap, to elucidate some problems..

Minhaj Et Talibeen A Manual of Muhammadan Law   ..