Peace of Mind

Peace of Mind

Hadith : Beware! There is definitely a piece of flesh in human body which (When fit) keeps the whole body healthy. If this piece of flesh itself gets diseased, it turns the whole body as ill. Behold! It is the heart. 

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Written By Hazrat maulana Ashraf Ali thanvi RA
Published By Idara Taleefat E Ashrafia
Binding Type Hard Cover Firm Binding
Language English
Number of Pages 172
Publishing date 2004
Collected/Sorted By Qari Muhammad Ishaq Multani DB
Size Normal
زیر نظر کتاب حضرت مجدد الملت مولانا اشرف علی تھانوی نور اللہ مرقدہ کی خطبات، ملفوظات اور مکتوبات کا ..

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