Quran Tution online, Anywhere, Anytime.




We are offering these course online, Initially.


1)      Quran Hifz (Memorization) course.

2)      Quran urdu Translation.

3)      Quran Easy Urdu Tafseer.

4)      Arabic Language course.

5)      Islamic Lifestyle training.


1)      Quran Hifz (Memorization) Course:


Recommended for you if you are able to read quran (Naazrah).


If you are interested in memorizing the Qur’an and Every Muslim should be interested in it. So, this course is for you.

You can remember a page daily or either a small surah or a verse daily.

But one day you will become Hafiz by grace of ALLAH. All you have to do is to take a start with us.

We will encourage you/your children on every point and we will teach you/your children with a best strategy ever inshaALLAH.

Course Fee: PKR 4000/-

Duration of Class: 30 Minutes (4 Days in Week)

Duration of Course: Minimum 18 Months.

Contacts: Skype (taleefat) WhatsApp (+923111255248)


2)      Quran Urdu Translation


Recommended for you if you are somewhat familiar to arabic.

This is the best course for you if you are interested to understand meaning of quranic verses in Urdu. You will memorize urdu meaning of Whole Quran in sha ALLAH.

But if you think it is not necessary to remember all quran meanings, so you can choose a surah/Para/Juz.

Because our only Goal is to keep you in touch with Holy Quran Paak.

Course Fee: PKR. 5000/-

Duration of Class: 30 Minutes (6 Days in week)

Duration of Course: Minimum 12 months

Contacts: Skype (Taleefat), WhatsApp (+923111255248)


3)       Quran urdu Tafseer

Recommended for you if you are head of family or you are highly educated (Masters/Bachelors) or you have a business/office.


In this course we will explain selective surah and verses of Holy Quran in Urdu Language. This course is to understand what Quran is saying to you. You will become a Quran Follower after reading this course in sha ALLAH. Because first step to implement the Quran is to understand the Quran.  We are teaching this course to you so that you can understand the Quran and move it forward to other people. In fact, by joining this course you will become part of our mission.

Course Fee: PKR. 5000/-

Class Duration: 30 Minutes daily. (4 Days a Week)

Course Duration: Minimum 7 Months.

Contacts: Skype (taleefat), WhatsApp(+923111255248)


4)      Quran Learning Arabic Course


Recommended for you if you are a student.


This is basically an Arabic Language course. We will teach you Arabic Grammar sarf o Nahv. After completing this course we assure that you will be able to translate any Arabic sentence into urdu very easily. Specially Quran And Hadith and all other written Arabic texts.

Course Fee: PKR. 8000/-

Class duration: 50 Minutes Daily (5 Days in a week)

Course duration: Minimum 9 Months.

Contacts: Skype (taleefat), WhatsApp (+923111255248)


5)      Islamic Tarbiyat

Recommended for your children or School/College Students.


This course is specially planned for school and college students who have no time to go madarsa or read Islamic Books. In this course we cover all cumpolsory knowledge of Islam about faith and other Islamic teachings.


Course Fee: PKR. 4500/-

Class duration: 20 Minutes Daily (5 Days in a Week)

Course Duration: Minimum 3 months.

Contacts: Skype (taleefat), WhatsApp (+923111255248)