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Ashrafia Encyclopedia

In this Encyclopedia. The Criteria of selection of books and other writings revolves basically around three points,  The selected text should be taken from authentic sources only ( As can be seen in Bibliography too ) The selected text should not in any way provoke sectarial violence or any such emotions contradicting the Enlightened Moderation concept of Islam.  The selected text should be useful for beginners as well as scholars of religious field, not for a single time reading..

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Minhaj Ul Talibeen

Minhaj Et Talibeen A Manual of Muhammadan Law   ..

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Mosques in Islam

Mosques are primarily the “houses which God hath the permitted to be raised to honor, for the celebration in them, of His name : in them is He glorified in the mornings and  the evenings”. The special type of a building which is called “The Mosque” is indeed an order or chain of nerve centers of Muslim Society, founded by the Holy prophet PBUH. And “Nizam E Masjid” is a thought provoking book which should prompt the readers to performance of the virtuous deeds (indicated in the book) ..

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Wonderful life of Paradise

ALLAH almighty has created paradise to reward his obedient servants for their piety and righteousness. ALLAH has promised His paradise to those men and women who believe in ALLAH’s oneness. Paradise, as ALLAH himself has mentioned here and there in the Quran, is a place of eternal beauties and abiding pleasures. ..

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