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Ashrafia Encyclopedia

In this Encyclopedia. The Criteria of selection of books and other writings revolves basically around three points,  The selected text should be taken from authentic sources only ( As can be seen in Bibliography too ) The selected text should not in any way provoke sectarial violence or any such emotions contradicting the Enlightened Moderation concept of Islam.  The selected text should be useful for beginners as well as scholars of religious field, not for a single time reading..

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Battles by the Holy Prophet PBUH

In this book, the account of Seven major battles have been given in which Prophet Muhammad Peace be Upon him participated personally and commanded the Muslim Army. The Chapter dealing with the Treaty of Hudaibiya is not the narration of any battle as the Prophet had gone to Makkah neither with the intention of fighting nor did any fight actually take place. But all historians have included it in the Kutub e Maghazi as in its details and ramifications it deserved to be placed among battles...

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Family of Holy Prophet PBUH

A book has to be written with an object in view. It may be to fill a gap, to elucidate some problems or to explain some difficult issues. The real object in writing this book is very definite one. The first and the foremost is to present the account of the lives of the Holy family objectively and secondly to rebut the false and malicious but sustained propaganda of the western writers against Islam, its Holy Prophet SAWW and his family members...

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Forty Gems(hadith)

This book Is written by Abu zakkariya Yahya bin sharaf Lauded as Mohy-ud-din and Shaikh ul Islam. He was a prolific and was considered as a leading exponent of the Shaf’I school. He excelled in Hadith and Fiqh, and fourteen of his books have survived the test of times. This book contains collection of forty hadith which are easy and related to every Muslim...

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Key to the Garden of Bliss

This book contains short hadith on easy deeds which will take you to Jannat. This book is compulsory for every Muslim and every home. ..

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Minhaj Ul Talibeen

Minhaj Et Talibeen A Manual of Muhammadan Law   ..

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Mosques in Islam

Mosques are primarily the “houses which God hath the permitted to be raised to honor, for the celebration in them, of His name : in them is He glorified in the mornings and  the evenings”. The special type of a building which is called “The Mosque” is indeed an order or chain of nerve centers of Muslim Society, founded by the Holy prophet PBUH. And “Nizam E Masjid” is a thought provoking book which should prompt the readers to performance of the virtuous deeds (indicated in the book) ..

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Peace of Mind

Hadith : Beware! There is definitely a piece of flesh in human body which (When fit) keeps the whole body healthy. If this piece of flesh itself gets diseased, it turns the whole body as ill. Behold! It is the heart.  ..

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Teachings of Hazrat Shah waliyullah RA

Qutubuddin Abdul Rahim Known as Waliyullah, was born in Delhi, in the stormy days of religious decadence when people were divided in sections and sub-sections, each one happy in his own set of beliefs without any regard as to what was true and what was false. The noblest and the most meritorious task of carrying the Holy War (Jihad) against the enemy force threatening the very foundation of both the religion and the state was forgotten and no more heard of. Shah Sahib saw the Muslim Empire..

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What Happens after Death

The eternal life is immortal; its blessings are ever-lasting. In view of all this it needs no explaining to a man of ordinary sense that one should opt for something which is everlasting. On the other hand to hanker after something which is transitory is the height of folly. ALLAH almighty says: “O those who keep faith! Let not your goods and your offspring make you heedless towards the remembrance of God. And if a person does this, he will be among such people as are the losers. ..

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Wonderful life of Paradise

ALLAH almighty has created paradise to reward his obedient servants for their piety and righteousness. ALLAH has promised His paradise to those men and women who believe in ALLAH’s oneness. Paradise, as ALLAH himself has mentioned here and there in the Quran, is a place of eternal beauties and abiding pleasures. ..

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