Founder of Idara Taleefat E Ashrafia :


Qari Muhammad Ishaq Multani (Born in 1957) is a great book publisher, writer and editor of Mahasin e Islam (monthly magazine). He got his early education in Jamia Khair ul madaris and completed memorization of QURAN PAK in discipleship of Qari Raheem Bakhsh Rahimhullah (Most Famous and well known Reciter of the century.) Later on, In accordance with the tradition of the scholars of Deoband and recognising the importance of tasawwuf. He traversed the path under the guidance of his Shaikh Hazrat Haji Shareef Sahib ( Khalifa of Hakeem ul Ummat Hazrat Maulana Ashraf Ali thanvi ) Rahmtullahi alaihim ajmaeen. He is authorized by his Mentor (Haaji Sahreef Sahib Rahimahullah) in silsila e Ashrafia, Chishtiah. In Addition to his busy schedule, he is himself a mentor to numerous spiritual aspirants all over the Pakistan. He is author of so many books almost 50+. And currently, He is

  1. Owner of Idara Taleefat E Ashrafia

  2. Imam at Jamia Masjid Badarrukh Shah

  3. Khateeb of Juma (Lecturer) in Same masjid.

  4. A mentor to numerous spiritual aspirants.


History :


There is an interesting story behind this successfully developed company.As you Know, Qari Ishaq Multani was in discipleship of Hazrat haji Sahib RA in Multan. He was very honest and sincere with them. Hazrat hajid Sahib(RA) had a Booklet(القلندر طريق ( that was in very poor condition. And they were always trying to save that booklet because they loved that very much. Once, Hazrat Qari Sahib Request permission to publish that booklet to save it.Haji Sahib expressed his pleasure to hear that and give that booklet to Qari Sahib very happily. As Qari sahib did not know anything about publishing but with blessings of Hazrat Haji sahib RA he published it at any cost. And this was the beginning of the well developed company idara Taleefat E Ashrafia. In 1980, this was a small shop in LakkarrMandii. Later, it was upgraded to a bigger shop in the mid of city Boharrgate in 1985. Third built up was in 2000 at Chowk Fawara.